Friday, June 29, 2012

I'M JUST SAYIN''''''''''

So, 4th of July weekend is here and I am leaving you with some great press that I got on Camille Styles' blog of entertaining and lifestyle perfection.  I do love to entertain and have people in my home.  Its fun to get to use all of the things that I have collected.  It also gives me a mandatory reason to clean up the messes and paperwork lying around!

To get a little sappy.....Thinking about that feeling I get when I look around the room and see my friends laughing (and how beautiful they look in it) is why I love the idea of helping other people make spaces that they are proud of and that makes them feel like they want to share it with their loved ones.

Since its the weekend, this gives you some time to look at the post a few times and give me some feedback and ask any questions.....because everyone is silent out there!  Here are a few photo outtakes.  But, visit the post here to see the whole thing (and tell Camille how much you love it ;).

 photos by Chelsea Fullerton

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

la feline blanche

If you ever just want to fantasize about some places to stay on vacations, go to Tasty Hotels, a site that showcases French photographer Alex Profit's hotel finds along with his photography of some of the locations.  This little cutey is La Feline Blanche in the little village of Saint Gervais at Mont-Blanc in France.  Don't you want to just cozy up here and enjoy the great design?  Again, there is nothing outrageously new about the design here, but the ability to edit and keep things tasteful is perfect.  The interiors were designed by Pierre Emanuel Martin and Stephane Garotin of Maison Hand.  

photos via

Some might look at this and only see the simplicity and think "boring," but look at the elements that run throughout and see how editing can not only be hard to do, but also can really bring a cohesive and peaceful feel.  In a boutique hotel that element is very important!  
Elements: White/cream/shades of grey
                 Repetitive horizontal lines
                 Handmade feel, i.e. lights over bed and paper lanterns
                 Cottage elements - shaker accents, wood, ladder, stools
photos via, by Stephen Clement

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

light and white

This Etsy shop just caught my eye and is where my next online purchase might occur, maybe even a few times.  Its Miles of Light and its nothing fancy, but these clean and pure images are great additions to many homes that need to add some light or white to a wall and would look great hung in a large graphic configuration as seen below.  Would love to hear about other places where people have found great inexpensive photo prints that are good additions to the design of a room.  Tell me!!!  I'm always excited to learn more and see more and I'm sure a few of you have some tricks up your sleeve.  
Happy day!
photo via's Miles of Light shop

Monday, June 25, 2012

bones, glass, and wood......

.....these are a few of my favorite things.  

Bones - A goat skull that I chose from an estate sale that was going on in the duplex we lived in during my husband's law school years.  The previous owner had collected literally the masses and they didn't sell everything and offered for me to choose a few things that I might want that were leftovers, and this was one of them.

Glass - I got these on Ebay when I lived in New York and was obsessed with apothecary items and glass jars and tubes of all kinds.

Wood - These perfect mid-century nesting tables were a gift from my ever-so-tasteful and inspiring mamacita!  She found a great deal and couldn't pass them up, since she knew that I was needing some more side table space.

Other wood item - This wooden and brass lamp is a large wallpaper printing roller, turned lamp.  A purchase found in a vintage store that was closing and I got a great deal on a pair!!!  Again, the law school years spent in Sacramento.

Friday, June 22, 2012

a simple babylon

My new favorite place on the internet is KinfolkMag.  I love the beautiful imagery and cozy feeling that they portray, by romanticizing dinners and gatherings of friends.  They have a particular look and art direction that I can appreciate and you must check out their videos by Andrew and Carissa Gallo.  Who I would really like to collaborate with!!!  Their vision is amazing!

Kinfolk recently featured these photos from Babylonstoren.  Babylonstoren is in Cape Town's wine country.  It has been preserved from the Dutch reign and you can see the beautiful Dutch elements in this farmhouse.   The simple and updated decor, keep it peaceful and let the building and its location speak.  I love the subway tiles behind the tub and the tiled shelf that is almost disguised in there.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

its a fine little day

I've had such a fun week so far.....Camille Styles came over with her crew and shot Travis and I for her blog.  The cute Chelsea Fullerton did the photography.  She is also a graphic design genius, so you should check out her company Go Forth Creative.  I'll let you know when Camille has us posted!

Speaking of Graphic and Design:  Eliza Chaiken responded to my post about black and white wallpaper and gave me the scoop on where to get the black and white trees wallpaper!!!  Check it......the whole site it amazing......of course it is Swedish.......OF COURSE......!

Its Fine Little Day, and here are a few things I like from the site..........

Friday, June 15, 2012

home series: feels like.....france or italy? it is!!!  The back garden and now longer backyard!  The plants have some growing in to do, but I think you can see that it will just get better and better.  It is an amazing difference.  Our hand-me-down chairs and table that still remind me of my childhood when I look out the window do fit perfectly into the small space for a table.     

I wanted steel edging, because I love the clean straight lines and contemporary touch next to the soft plants.  The border all the way around is bamboo muhly, which will grow in considerably and look really feathery and full.
 These photos of me in my 'ole yeller pants were taken by my hubby's GoPro - kinda cool even though all you can get is this fish eye view everytime.  It's kind of our new favorite thing.  It is mostly for action video taking.

This is Cash our cute pup that has his own grass patch now....Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

home series: backyard breakdown

A few weeks ago, we broke ground in the mud pit called our backyard and began a little project that we have wanted to do for a long time.  I chose KD Design to do the work, and here are some photos of them getting down and dirty, while putting in the steel edging that frames the new landscaping.  Dave Tekyl, the owner, could not have been more nice and easy to work with.  It was so cool to have him take our ideas and put them into his own design.

Check in tomorrow to see the big reveal of how it turned out!  You are gonna love it!   

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

another damn good scandinavian

This space just gets my mouth watering!  I love all of the full length window doors around the room, the grey wood flooring, and the mix of all the classic designer chairs.  I think this also works because of the balance of the dark colors around the room that keep your eye moving.     
 all photos via my scandinavian home, by sisters agency
 How great is this coffee table here in this space?  Even the strange vintage floral chair works as a surprising juxtaposing piece in here.
Love the black cabinets in the kitchen!  It really works.   I am wondering where they keep everything in this kitchen, because the storage seems minimal, but there must be tons of space in those lower cabinets.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

its black, its white, its wallpaper

So, yes, I admit that I have a bit of a black and white obsession, fetish, or my eyes may call it a "calling".  So, I have chosen two images that I love and for mostly the reason of the lovely black and white wallpaper that I am asking my readers to fill in the blank.  Since I am busy with other work this week, please help me with these wallpaper designs and tell me if you know who makes them!  The first person that knows ones of them, will receive a plug on the blog for their pet project.  So, help me out!!!!  
photo via Country Living Magazine/My Scandinavian Home

Monday, June 4, 2012

going vertical

I'm in LA this week and trying to hold off before I reveal more of my Home Series, so that it can be debuted on Design Sponge first (that is the criteria).  So, in the meantime, check out Flora Grubb's website and San Francisco gardening store!  I think that this vertical succulent garden is amazing and I really want to take the inspired idea and do something of my own with it - possibly indoors....There are so many ways to translate this into a work of art all your own.