Friday, June 29, 2012

I'M JUST SAYIN''''''''''

So, 4th of July weekend is here and I am leaving you with some great press that I got on Camille Styles' blog of entertaining and lifestyle perfection.  I do love to entertain and have people in my home.  Its fun to get to use all of the things that I have collected.  It also gives me a mandatory reason to clean up the messes and paperwork lying around!

To get a little sappy.....Thinking about that feeling I get when I look around the room and see my friends laughing (and how beautiful they look in it) is why I love the idea of helping other people make spaces that they are proud of and that makes them feel like they want to share it with their loved ones.

Since its the weekend, this gives you some time to look at the post a few times and give me some feedback and ask any questions.....because everyone is silent out there!  Here are a few photo outtakes.  But, visit the post here to see the whole thing (and tell Camille how much you love it ;).

 photos by Chelsea Fullerton


sara oswalt leete said...

FYI - Justin Timberlake commented on Camille's post of us!

April Louise said...

Hi your dog looks huge! I really like the rug by the front door.

sara oswalt leete said...

Yes, he is a big guy! Thanks, if you read the post by Camille Styles, you saw that that rug was a hand-me-down from my mom. Checked your blog out as well and really like those blankets you posted!