Monday, June 25, 2012

bones, glass, and wood......

.....these are a few of my favorite things.  

Bones - A goat skull that I chose from an estate sale that was going on in the duplex we lived in during my husband's law school years.  The previous owner had collected literally the masses and they didn't sell everything and offered for me to choose a few things that I might want that were leftovers, and this was one of them.

Glass - I got these on Ebay when I lived in New York and was obsessed with apothecary items and glass jars and tubes of all kinds.

Wood - These perfect mid-century nesting tables were a gift from my ever-so-tasteful and inspiring mamacita!  She found a great deal and couldn't pass them up, since she knew that I was needing some more side table space.

Other wood item - This wooden and brass lamp is a large wallpaper printing roller, turned lamp.  A purchase found in a vintage store that was closing and I got a great deal on a pair!!!  Again, the law school years spent in Sacramento.

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