Thursday, August 16, 2012


So, you've probably seen her before here on the blog, but I had a comment from someone on Design*Sponge that said they thought this Native American woman was from a Santa Fe Railroad calendar.  I realized at that point that, despite how I normally am about researching and looking into things, I had never looked up the artist, who's name is on this piece.  It is not an original, it is a print on a board, by the way.  

Anyway, so the artist is Winold Reiss and now I am smitten.  I love many of his works.  He produced artwork from before 1910 into the 1940's and was quite a well-known artist, whom I realized I'd seen his graphic designs for bookcovers in the past.  See below from some other things I find irresistable!    
I just love the colors he uses all over, but also love the details in the portraits.  Something in the lack of expression is amazing to me, because their is no lack of emotion.


I would love for others to share vintage graphic designs that they admire.  Thanks!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


All hail the chief.....well, or just "thanks," Design*Sponge.  I was really excited to see my house published on the reigning design site.  If you didn't get to see the post, check it out HERE!

I have put up a few of the photos of my house that didn't make the post for you here as well.  I'd love to tell you more about putting things together in my house, so please feel free to ask questions here in the comments.....and remember I'm taking clients for interior design projects and would love to here from you!!!  xxoo

This chair is from West Elm and I added the big Euro cushion and had my friend Jesse Kamm's linen tortoise shell fabric made into a sham.  I wanted to connect the black and white theme into a part of this room, so we exchanged babysitting for an edition of the print done with black ink on white linen.

Monday, August 13, 2012


Have you ever seen Doug Aitken's house that was featured in the New York Times a little while back. I keep remembering things from it, from whenever it was that I ran across it on the blogosphere.  There are so many tiny simple elements that I keep coming back to.  Check it out here and tell me what you think!

photos via New York Times, by Jason Schmidt

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


My motto.  My house is full of created style without having to purchase new things.  I've worked with hand-me-downs and edited the things that I do have or grouped them to make something special and visually pleasing.  Here are some examples of ways to create a beautiful space using something you might just already have.

I love the use of these black and white photographs to not only create a piece of art all its own, but it also creates shape and interest that add to the whole of this vignette.  The second photo is totally different with its use of postcards to create a very balanced grid and creates another great visual effect.  Lastly, a girl after my own heart.....having too many magazines and books is a theme in our house, so I love it when people use these collections of mundane items to make something architectural or into a piece of furniture.
photo by james braund
photo via design*sponge, by kirstin ellis
photo by chris warnes, via Desire To Inspire

Thursday, August 2, 2012


photo via, Sus Rosenquist
Remember that Purveyor Design can help you design your spaces!  If you need anything from just a brief consultation, to refreshing your old look, finding specific pieces for your home, or helping you start over in a new place, I'd love to help you get what you want either for your home or your business.  I can also help you from far away and put together an e-design for a room in your house and give you colors, furniture, DIYs, and sourcing to help you make it happen.  Touch base with me for pricing if you are tossing around the idea for yourself.....or pass on Purveyor to your friends you know that might need some help.  For prices, rates, and availability email me at