Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Pasadena Cottage turned Design Lodge

This is my dear friends' house and the masterpiece of the former owners.  The house was originally a cottage and tennis court to adjacent to the large mansion next door.  The original building has been reworked in a genius modern and simple fashion that balances perfectly with the modern additions, with nods to the styles of the mid-century.  The house was designed by Rodney Ross and Deborah Rachlin of rossdesign.


My friends the Lullas purchased several pieces with the home that Rodney has designed and built that fit so well into the nooks and warmth of the abode.  The attention to detail in every piece of this house from the cool marble countertops that fit perfectly into the warm wood edges are an example of the two aspects the house carries with it throughout.

Mies van der Rohe loveseats with a raw wood slab coffee table made by Ross's team.  Hanging in the background is my favorite Claire Oswalt piece called Eliza and the Stroller.
This is one of my favorite pieces of art ever, so I must mention the charcoal and pencil on thick hanging paper.  The artist is Peter Liashkov, and I have admired this drawing for a long time.  This image captures the three elements that tie to home together - the white wash, original brick, raw wood, and modern glass that brings in a cool blue hue to the rough warm edges.  



This is a hidden wash closet behind a sliding glass set of doors with an open atrium in between the wing of the house and the tiny toilet.  The atrium of windows can be seen below in a smaller photo.