Wednesday, June 27, 2012

la feline blanche

If you ever just want to fantasize about some places to stay on vacations, go to Tasty Hotels, a site that showcases French photographer Alex Profit's hotel finds along with his photography of some of the locations.  This little cutey is La Feline Blanche in the little village of Saint Gervais at Mont-Blanc in France.  Don't you want to just cozy up here and enjoy the great design?  Again, there is nothing outrageously new about the design here, but the ability to edit and keep things tasteful is perfect.  The interiors were designed by Pierre Emanuel Martin and Stephane Garotin of Maison Hand.  

photos via

Some might look at this and only see the simplicity and think "boring," but look at the elements that run throughout and see how editing can not only be hard to do, but also can really bring a cohesive and peaceful feel.  In a boutique hotel that element is very important!  
Elements: White/cream/shades of grey
                 Repetitive horizontal lines
                 Handmade feel, i.e. lights over bed and paper lanterns
                 Cottage elements - shaker accents, wood, ladder, stools
photos via, by Stephen Clement

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