Tuesday, May 1, 2012

homes series

My home series...
Just a little peak at a corner of my living room.  You can see the repetition of the black on the window frames.  In the living room, I did sunshades in a very dark charcoal to go with the black.  I love them!  They really make the room look more contemporary.  The leather chair was another Sacramento find for almost nothing.  Kind of a strange piece to choose, but somehow it works and everyone loves sitting in it!  Also got the lamp in Sacramento - it was a wallpaper printing roller and a lamp from the 60's. Think I've decided it's time for maybe some different pillows, so I won't comment of those.  The coffee table is a left over piece of glass from a coffee table my mother had way back when and I just decided to put my collection of W magazines to good use and make a table out of them.  
photos by Sarah Wilson
How Ms. Doe-eyed Indian Princess......I love this.  Found it at the large show in Round Top in the Marburger tents.

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