Friday, June 22, 2012

a simple babylon

My new favorite place on the internet is KinfolkMag.  I love the beautiful imagery and cozy feeling that they portray, by romanticizing dinners and gatherings of friends.  They have a particular look and art direction that I can appreciate and you must check out their videos by Andrew and Carissa Gallo.  Who I would really like to collaborate with!!!  Their vision is amazing!

Kinfolk recently featured these photos from Babylonstoren.  Babylonstoren is in Cape Town's wine country.  It has been preserved from the Dutch reign and you can see the beautiful Dutch elements in this farmhouse.   The simple and updated decor, keep it peaceful and let the building and its location speak.  I love the subway tiles behind the tub and the tiled shelf that is almost disguised in there.

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Miss Natalie said...

This looks amazing! Especially that funny, furry stool, which is just unexpected. In any other setting, it would feel tacky Vegas, but here it looks great.