Tuesday, May 8, 2012

week of years past...scribe winery

This week I want to post things that I saw over the past couple of years that I was inspired by.  Going through my photos, I thought.....there are some great things here to share.
 Photo from Todd Selby for Dockers, styled by Sara Leete

Today.  Photos from the vineyard estate of Scribe Winery in Sonoma County's foothills of Arrowhead Mountain.  Andrew and Adam Mariani are the young hip owners of this place.  I was working on a Dockers' shoot with the esteemed Todd Selby.  The Mariani brothers were chosen as inspiring guys that were doing what they love.  I took lots of photos of the old house on the property that they had plans to restore in the future.  The hacienda was built in 1858 and then rebuilt after the 1906 earthquake, but has been abandoned for almost three decades.  The house has been used by Andrew and Adam for large, sometimes wild, parties.  I just read on Nowness that the Marianis are in the midst of renovating it back to its former glory, so maybe I can do a post that covers that in the future! Yea! I also took photos in the office that was so nicely decorated in a simple antique clean feel.  The whole thing was inspiring.  I love when people take the old and keep its character, but can make it contemporary and current.  Some of these (the ones of poor quality) are my photos from my iphone and some are ones from other people giving Scribe its due attention in the press.

These were taken in the office.

photo taken by Luke Gilford, via Nowness

photo from Anthology, via Scribe Winery

Here is where Andrew and Adam make farm fresh homemade pizzas for their guests in the pizza oven, while friends sit around a fire on hay bales covered in woven blankets, next to an amazing run down house. Delicious fun! As Andrew said, "It's all about getting together at a table, eating, drinking and connecting."
photo from Food and Wine, by Cedric Angeles

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