Wednesday, May 9, 2012

week of years past.....woodshop sf

 photo by Todd Selby for Dockers, styling by Sara Leete

During the same photo shoot for Dockers that I talked about in yesterday's post, we shot Danny Hess.  He is another example of someone doing what they love.  He makes handmade sustainable surfboards out of wood.  Well, we got to shoot Danny in his "office", which is the Woodshop in the Sunset District of San Francisco.  He shares the space with three other guys and as you can see their aesthetic is inspiring.  It is simple, clean, handmade, and current.  (Again, excuse my low quality iphone photos.)
photo via

These stools and the other handmade wood furniture is made by Luke Bartels - it combines mid-century narrow lines with organic wood shapes and I'd love a piece in my house!!  Hint, hint.  The painted signs and things around the shop are from Jeff Canham.  His work is all very colorful and stylized and fits perfectly in balance with the other boys' wood pieces.

Chairtastic finds old chairs and refurbishes them in the same woodshop.  Check out his site and you can see many amazing different pieces with a real range.

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