Friday, April 27, 2012

welcome to my home!

My Home Series.....
Come on in...make yourself cozy.....grab a seat.  This is the entry to our house built in 1905.  It was moved and updated in 1991, so it has some features that are not original and not as great as the original would have been, but the builder was a restorer of old homes and tried to keep it in the same Victorian style.  Since moving in, we have done a little updating ourselves to make it just a little more contemporary and ours.  Here we are - a shot taken from inside the front door.

As mentioned before, we painted the walls white from a yellow and more recently also the trim to a true white (Behr -"Frost") from a very very off-white, then all the doors Black (Behr -"Beluga").  I put in this cordless white roller mess sunshade and think it looks nice and simple.  The light fixture was a more recent purchase and I bought on Etsy from Jean Pelle.  The long hand-made bench was a find from Sacramento, from the antique mart, where I found lots of unrecognized gems.  I chalked up the finds in old Sactown to not a high demand for style, so the prices seemed fantastic after living in NY and I had great luck there (one of the few perks). The rug was a hand-me-down from my every-so-stylish mamacita.  She has a lot of great rugs, which we will have to showcase later in a post. Nice to be the child of a mom with taste!
These posters I bought at the Renegade Craft Fair and were printed by a creative group that offices together and calls themselves "Public School" in Austin.  I framed them in red, thinking I wanted some color in the entry, as well as a contemporary juxtaposition to the Victorian details.  Simple.

photos taken by Sarah Wilson

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Whitney A. said...

I love the black door and white walls! Also, please show more is difficult find affordable stylish rugs, so lucky you have some hand-me-downs :)