Thursday, April 5, 2012

piping hot

I have been seeing and really liking the use of pipes as installations for DIY projects you can do to hip up your house.  There are so many ways to use them and get the industrial feeling and depending on the pipes you choose you can control the look you are going for.

I saw this on Weekday Carnival.  It reminds me of the lofts in New York (one that I used to live in) that has the exposed piping and white walls.  Here she made a lamp, but also the piping can be used for a rack or place to hang things.  Maybe for a bathroom this would be great and could double as a towel rack?
photo via the-brick-house

My last trip to LA a couple of weeks ago, I visited my friend's house.  Her husband Jerome built and designed it as model for his company, Sunia Homes (more to come on this later).  They used piping instead of closets in the bedrooms.  I loved the black pipes he selected and the fact that Jamie and Jerome's closet spaces looked perfectly edited from Vogue.

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